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Self-care and Wintertime Hygge

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

It’s been a long and exciting month. So many wonderful or not-so-wonderful, beautiful, fun, and great moments can be packed into December each year. As we look forward to the new year the timing seems perfect to reset and reconnect with ourselves.

Aside from all the salted baths and sugary scrubs you should try, you might want to explore the Danish tradition of Hygge. Pronounced, “Hugh-ga,” Hygge can be defined in multiple ways and is a very personal experience, but can generally be summed up with four C’s: coziness, comfort, contentment, and connectedness. I'm going to add a fifth C...candles. This is something I've just started adding to my nighttime routine. In everything, I have read candles are a staple with Hygge.

This practice can bring a sense of peace and balance in the cold and grey days of winter with the simple sip of your favorite coffee shop brew, wearing your plush robe, or finding a quiet moment to put pen to paper and begin journaling or making a list of what you are grateful for as the new year begins. Hygge is all about finding simple ways, to soothe, center, and generally feel good. Here are some ways to incorporate Hygge into your life below:

Brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea. The cup will warm your hands and body with each sip. Or, consider diffusing, Green Tea and Lemongrass fragrance oil while creating a cozy setting.

  1. Make a fire. The crackling noise, golden embers, or rustic scent immediately infuse a sense of tranquility. If you don’t have a wood-burning fireplace, discretely diffuse, Campfire fragrance oil.

  2. Make your own oil roller bottle with your favorite fragrance or essential oil (we recommend Lavender and Rosemary fragrance oil). Use the oil roller on your wrists then dab your neck before curling up under a warm blanket.

  3. Spend quality time with friends or family. Consider hosting an informal get-together to watch a movie, play games, or even share in a new activity like creating positivity jars. Fill take-home jars for each other with pointed and personal uplifting notes—diffuse Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance oil to sweeten the air.

  4. Make or bake a simple meal such as a stew or soup and share it with a loved one.

  5. Treat yourself to a day in bed surrounded by soft pillows and fresh sheets. The entire season of your favorite show awaits. Mist your room with a homemade Sandalwood and Amber scented room spray before you set in for the comfy and relaxing time ahead.

  6. Turn down the lights and diffuse your favorite oils. Consider turning on your salt lamp for a warm glow and adding a drop or two of fragrance oil on top. The scents and soft light will make the room calm and comfortable.

  7. Create an at-home spa retreat. Bath, steam shower, hair mask, foot scrub, or body balms…the sky’s the limit.

  8. Cuddle.

  9. Pull on your fuzzy socks and fill your reed diffuser with Patchouli Cedarwood fragrance oil and find a cozy corner to read a good book.

Hygge is all about finding simple ways to mindfully indulge and take time for self-care. Whether it is connecting with yourself or others that brings positivity and warmth into your life, your Hygge experience can help you find serenity or even recharge for the year ahead. Also, your experimenting doesn’t have to end this week; try incorporating the practice throughout the winter and explore new ways to Hygge.

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